Let’s cut right to it – you’ll know when you meet us if we are for you or not. Because that’s what is ultimately important – not our brand name or size or what it says on our website. You need to click with the person who is building your dream or it’s simply not going to work.


Don’t risk devaluing your home with a dodgy renovation. We have all seen the damage a cheap renovation can do to a property. The reason there is a virtual reality renovation rescue show on every TV channel is because of the actual reality that renovating is hard and requires experience to get right...


And one that we proudly live up to. You’ll discover that over the years we have stayed deliberately smaller in size so you and your home can be the highest priority we have. You will find that we are friendly, approachable and flexible to your needs every step of the way.


Price – we’ll nail it


Service – you’ll love it


Quality – superior in every way


Reliability – renowned for it


Lifestyle – the key to living the way you dream


Exceptional home extensions are our speciality...


An extension adds value to your home and is an investment in your future – when it is done right.