A passion for carpentry directed Russell into an apprenticeship when he was 17. In those first years learning the trade he discovered the importance of being proud of one’s workmanship. This is now the foundation of all that he does. In the three decades that he has been involved in the building industry he has worked on all there is to build, big and small, residential and commercial, wood and brick, starting off in Melbourne working up to luxury extensions and renovations.


Now in Townsville enjoying the sun and lifestyle. This breadth of experience delivers you a one-stop-shop builder who knows how to do it all. In addition, Russell’s carpentry background ensures his attention to detail is meticulous. 


At Townsville extensions and renovations ,we have built up a client list to big to list .

I can dare say that we have not had an unhappy customer yet .

What other builder can honestly say that ?


As previously mentioned before ,Russell in his early days ,was dedicatd to the renovation ,extension side of his trade as a carpenter ,this is were it all started .


Russell still likes to get hands on and still continues to do as much carpentry as possible.

This way he can gaurantee a superior product in every way .


We have now built up  a extensive range of experience in Extensions and Renovations , 

from the very small extension or renovation,to a totall transformation inside and out .



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